Merry Christmas from GCP and Cookie!

For the past two years, we have had Cookie the Elf visit us around Christmas! This year we found her up to no good on more than one occasion, so even if the pictures are lower quality iPhone photos, we wanted to share our daily photo shoots featuring Cookie and her BFF Bambi… On this day that Cookie returns home and we celebrate the birth of Jesus, Merry Christmas!!

Cookies Adventures

Day 1- Lifting Weights
Day 2- Having breakfast with Grace
Day 3- Captured by the Nutcrackers
Day 4- Making a snowman with Bambi
Day 5- Gone fishing
Day 6- Hang gliding

Grace accidentally bumped Cookie so we had to leave magic dust and an apology letter, in hopes Cookie’s magic powers would return

Day 7- TP’d the dining room
Day 8- She’s magically delicious
Day 9- She used a Chinese takeout kid to sled
Day 10- Trapped in a Mason jar for all of her antics
Day 11- Hanging with the angel
Day 12- Writing that she won’t tease the dog
Day 13- She used A&D ointment to claim she “was here”
Day 14- Cookie really likes that dry erase marker
Day 15- On her final night here, she decided to scale the walls

See you next year Cookie- it’s been a blast finding you each morning!! xoxo

















Beautiful Twins – Pittsburgh Children’s Photographer

These twin girls are adorable – seriously I just wanted to eat them up. Each with their own personality but identical love of life and gorgeous shine in their eyes, they were the perfect pair to end my Mini March sessions. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean…








My Beautiful Nieces – Pittsburgh Children’s Photographer

My gorgeous nieces came into town a few weeks back and I was able to snag them for a hour to go into the studio.  They really lit up the place, with their bright eyes and beautiful smiles.  I am going to NY this weekend for family matters, and will photograph them with my handsome brother and beautiful sister in law.  Can’t wait!

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Anthony – Pittsburgh Senior Photographer

Anthony is the son of a good friend of mine- and Anthony is a gentleman, kind, a good student, son, brother and friend.  He was adamant that one of his outfits be a t-shirt with a photo of his slain friend emblazoned on the chest.  Anthony is off to Cal U next Fall to study pre-veterinary studies.  Good luck!

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Kaitlyn and Aidan – Pittsburgh Children’s Photographer

This little girl is shy, quiet and sweet ~ but can light it up for the camera.  I’d ask her about her life, the things she did for fun.. and a sweet little voice would answer me in one word answers.  I turned my camera on her and her face lit up, her beautiful smile would show and her eyes would be bright as the sun.  And her brother!  What a great kid – smart, athletic and a great smile which obviously runs in the family!


Liz and Trevor – Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

Liz and Trevor, what can I say?  They are not engaged, but to help a friend (that’s me :)), they posed as a couple about to embark on married life together.  So sweet and super cute, these two turned on some beautiful heat to get gorgeous shots Dahntahn in Station Square…

GCP1364 GCP1344 GCP1302 GCP1291 GCP1256 GCP1230 GCP1186 GCP1251


Baby Lilly – Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

This little beauty was my second newborn and she was just precious.  I loved spending time with her and her Mommy, watching her interact with us, holding her… Babies can be difficult in that I haven’t held a newborn in so very long~ you think about how fragile they are and that fear that you’re going to break them all comes rushing back.  I love newborn photography and I loved this little one.  Can’t wait to watch her grow!


Aileen – Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer

My first maternity session went off without a hitch, thanks to the beautiful Aileen- who was kind enough to welcome me into her home and pose during this most beautiful time in her life.  I can’t wait to meet the little one!

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