Game On!!!

The Game:

Grateful for its mission, Graceful Creations has promised 50% of the proceeds from the Assortment Pack to Operation Reunite, a cause close to my heart.  Until the last day of September, I am going to place a new ‘referral blank’ on the order form.

Send your friends to the Assortment Pack page and tell them WHY they should order the cards (because Operation Reunite is such a wonderful cause and that part of the proceeds will be going directly to the children of the orphanages).  When they are ordering their cards, tell them to put your name in the referral blank and I will keep track of each ‘referral’.  At the end of the month of September, I will tally up who brought in the most referrals.

The Prize:

A set of luxury stationery worth $70.00.  This stationery will be personalized with your name, embossed in gold (blue for the guys) on Crane & Co. thick and luxurious lettra paper.  The envelopes will also be from Crane & Co.  In this set there will be 25 cards and 25 lined (matched to the letters) envelopes.

You can send them either directly to the Assortment Pack order page or to the Grace Notes Storefront.

Either way, get folks to the site, tell them about Operation Reunite and make sure they put your name in the referral box.

Good luck!!


assortment pack


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