Six Essentials to the Perfect Thank You

Your parents have been making you say it since you could speak, and then your Mom made you write notes expressing your thanks for every birthday and Christmas present ever received. Some write eloquently, and others could use a few tips… so since I run a stationery company and write a blog about all the new and fabulous designs, I thought it time to actually write about how to use my products.

There are six parts to a proper thank you note: greet the giver, express your gratitude, discuss use, mention the past and alllude to the future, GRACE, and regards.

1. Greet the giver- “Dear Auntie Maria”
2. Express your gratitude- “Thank you so much for the little pink piano”
3. Discuss use- “Mommy says she is going to teach me songs on it, so when we get our bigger piano, I will know how to play already”
4. Mention the past, allude to the future- “It was awesome that you came to my birthday party and I can’t wait to see you again next week when we go to the pool”
5. Grace- “Thanks again for my piano” (it never hurts to say it twice)
6. Regards- “Love you, Grace”

Thank you notes don’t have to be long (they shouldn’t be) and aren’t really full of details about what’s going on in your life. I think this often holds the writer up trying to come up with filler, trying to say too much.

In essence, thank you notes are ALWAYS nice to receive. People love getting mail- and knowing that the little things you did for someone, going out and getting that little piano, was really appreciated.

So find a nice notecard that speaks to you and makes you feel good when you see it, follow the simple steps outlined above, and mail that thank you note. It won’t take long, but surely will bring a smile to the recipient.

Good luck!


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